Foundry since 1831


The Ørkild Foundrys story goes back to 1831 and the
present owner of the foundry
Mr. Søren Andersen is the fourth generation in foundry business.
Ørkild we believe ourselves, is the only existing foundry having
its outcome purely from making keels
Ørkild of course, has all necessary approvals from the Danish Authorities allowing the producing
of yacht keels made of lead.
The Ørkild
has supplied yacht keels since 1926 and is
thus quite experienced.
Ørkild has throughout the years supplied keels to
boat- builders and homebuilders in most European
countries and in USA.

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Støberiet Ørkild
Bodøvej 11
DK - 5700 Svendborg
Tlf.: + 45 62 22 02 84
Fax: + 45 62 22 02 83
Privat: + 45 62 22 97 58