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Combi - keels:
Concept "Combi - keels" is made to satisfy the need of low center gravity of keel
in respect of lateral plan area, depth, area of wet surface and transfer of power
from keel to boat.

In relation to the above a combi-keel has the material of the lowest density in the
upper part of the keel, using for instance. cast-iron or polyester concrete.

ØRKILD delivers combi-keels, as to customer's specifications, mostly with upper part
of cast-iron, but also with upper part made of polyester concrete.

Delivery worldwide at fixed, competitive prices.

Combi-keel, polyester concrete / lead:
Polyester concrete, made of quarts sand, washed, dried, vacuum cleaned, sift to
kornsizes curve, mixed with isophtalicbased resin and poured between shells directly
on top of lead keel.

Specific weight of Polyester concrete: 2,4

Combi-keel, cast - iron / lead:
If the lower part of cast-iron is especially designed for this purpose, lead part can
Be poured directly around it.

Alternatively the lead can be bolted together with the upper cast-iron part, with bolts
going through holes in lead part.

More info on Bolts Bolts


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