Foundry since 1831
Plus for conventional keel Lines for bulbkeel
To make a mould, for the castning of a lead,- or cast iron keel,
the fondry needs a plug, same size as keel to be made.

Plug must have the addition in measuremente to align shrinckage.

Ask your fondry if plug shuld be solid, or in halves, divided in centreline

Boadbuilders norma
lly themselves build and supply plug for their
keel. However ØRKILD has own workshop to make plugs after designers drawings.

Plug for wingkeel
Plug for conventional keel
Big and little plug

Material: Using say up to 10 keels, wood or foam with a few layers of GRP could be used. Foam of dencity >40 kg /m³ is prefered.
- - - - - -The more keels to be made the more stable the plug must be.

Furter info:   To align srinckage plugs are made bigger on all measurements
Plug for lead:- - - + 0,75 %
Plug for cast iron: + 1,0 %

Du not hesitate to contact us, on mail or phone, if you have questions.

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