Foundry since 1831


Finn keels, wing keels, bulb keels, swing keels,- without limit in type, size or
weight, according to yacht yard, designer's and owner's drawings, to be
delivered worldwide at fixed and competitive prices.

Lead quality, alloys and properties:
Pure lead without antimonies alloy cannot be used for keels because of lack
of hardness and strength.
Where nothing else is specified ØRKILD makes keels from 99,5% of pure lead
with an antimonies alloy of 2% - 3%, which gives the lead a Brinell hardness
of app. 10 and a tensile strength of appx. 3,5 kgs. per.sq.mm., thus making
lead into a suitable material for keels.

Lead with 2% of antimonies alloy has specific weight 11,2. Where technical demands require even greater hardness or strength, lead can be poured
with higher antimonies alloy to suit the specific purpose. To ensure a homogeneous keel,
keels are poured horizontally where this is possible.

ØRKILD is only using pure and specified lead. Keels can be delivered with certificate.

Lead keels are delivered with surfaces ground with 35- grit grinding sheaves, which
gives a slightly rough surface with good adhesive to the following surface treatment.

For specific racing or one-off boats ØRKILD is able to supply keels being
CNC-machined on surfaces.

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